WordPress Performance Optimisation

Delight Your Customers
All The Way To Conversion

Get WordPress Running Much Faster Than Your Competitors

A fast loading website delights its users and converts better too.

You also want to make sure that your team isn’t slowed down by a laggy WordPress admin.


There's a lot that can be done to speed up a slow site without making substantial changes to your WordPress setup.
  • Clean up redundant assets
  • Fixing or replacing functions that are hogging resources
  • Loading assets locally and selectively
  • Removing of replacing calls to external resources
  • Caching - configured correctly
  • Using a CDN for your international audience


Sometimes more structrual changes are needed. We'll list and explain our recommended approach.
  • Change or upgrade of your hosting
  • Advanced 'edge' optimisation
  • Replacing key functionality
  • Partial or full re-build
Share these recommendations with your dev team or talk to use about implementing them.

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