How we work

WordPress management for mission critical websites

There are many WordPress maintenance and support service and most operate at scale, servicing hundreds of customers on low-cost plans.

They are able to do this by automating as many of the processes as possible, and this works well for many websites.

Our approach is different. We service businesses that use WordPress as a mission-critical channel.

Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all solution we tailor our solution to spec. These a manual processes that we carry out with best-in-class tools.

Here’s a taste of what we do:

Our Plans


We’ll host your website on Enterprise-grade infrastructure, keep it up to date and take care of security.


Our Pro plan focuses on performance to ensure your website visitors are never left waiting. We’ll look after the full stack too.


Complete ownership of your WordPress operations. We’ll develop a plan and agree on an SLA to meet your specific requirements.

WordPress Technical Services

One-off services that you can purchase independently from our WordPress Management Plans.

Hosting by

Convesio offers high-availability and performance thanks to their Docker-based platform.

All OpsWP plans include their Foundation plan free of charge, valued at $50 / month.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Or else we would have to work with many different providers, each with its own stack and processes. It would become too hard to manage.

If you’re looking at a service like ours chances are your hosting service is not up to scratch — this is an opportunity to upgrade to a premium host.

Convesio represents the future of WordPress hosting with its container based approach. You get a highly redundant, auto scaling and high performance hosting stack out of the box, which would typically cost you hundreds of dollars a month with a VPS-based Enterprise provider.

We’re not typical WordPress support and maintenance service. Think of us more like an IT consultancy working with disciplined processes, many of which are manual.

Also, when a customer signs up we look at their set up to check performance, security and operational best practices from a risk mitigation perspective too.